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Book Designer Spotlight

I had planned to keep the same creative team for the second book in The Train Rolls On series. As of last summer, everyone was on board. Unfortunately, plans change over the course of a year, and David Miles will no longer be designing The Train Rolls On To The North Pole. 😢

David has recently paused his freelance design services while he is working on a new publishing endeavor that, according to him, is "really taking off." Great for him- not so great for me! Of course, I'm very happy for David and his publishing successes. I have no doubt that they are well-deserved. It's just that I adored David's design for The Train Rolls On, and it was a real pleasure working with him. So, it's a huge bummer to lose him on book #2!

As a result, I have spent the last month scrambling to hire a new book designer for The Train Rolls On To The North Pole. I wanted someone who, like David, would be easy to work with. More importantly, I wanted someone who could pick up where David left off and create a beautiful design that looks and feels cohesive with the first book- not a small task!

With that in mind, I researched dozens of book designers on Reedsy and found someone who I believe will be an excellent addition to this creative team. Her name is Veronica Scott, and, if anybody can deliver everything that I'm hoping for, it's her. Here is more information about Veronica:

Children's Book Designer Veronica Scott

Veronica Scott is a Senior Designer and Art Director from Minneapolis, MN, with over 15 years of experience in Publishing Design (mostly children's books) and over 8 years of experience in Marketing Design.

As an Art Director and Senior Designer at Taylor Corporation for over 7 years, Veronica directed and designed catalogs, magazines, ads, newsletters, brochures, posters, flyers, etc. From there, she became a Senior Graphic Designer for Capstone Publishers, where she designed children's books and marketing pieces for websites and catalogs for nearly 10 years.

To give you a taste of her work, I've included some of the books that Veronica has previously designed below:

Veronica will begin designing the front cover of The Train Rolls On To The North Pole in May, and she will transition to working on the interior of the book once Christina Wald finishes the illustrations later this summer. The current goal is to have a finished book by the end of August so that it can be published and available for purchase no later than mid-October. 🎅

I am confident that Veronica will deliver a beautiful book, and I could not be more excited to have her join our creative team. So, welcome aboard, Veronica! Chugga chugga choo choo! 😊

For more information about The Train Rolls On To The North Pole, check out the latest publishing update here! To learn more about what a book designer does, read What In The World Is A Book Designer & Why Did I Hire One? here. To meet the illustrator for The Train Rolls On series and view examples of her stunning artwork, check out my Illustrator Spotlight article here.

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