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Author Visits


Connecting with other writers, readers, and literary enthusiasts is one of the joys of being a children’s author and one of the opportunities that I look forward to the most. Therefore, I will be available to visit schools, libraries, and other organizations within the Omaha Metro to provide in-person (or virtual) book readings and writing/publishing presentations.



Non-Local Author Visits

Virtual presentations will also be available to organizations outside of the Omaha Metro; however, in-person events will be limited and must be approved on a case-by-case basis. *Note: In-person events approved outside of the Omaha Metro may incur additional fees for travel and/or lodging.  



Types of Presentations


Single Class/Group Full Presentation –  $100

This is my standard classroom presentation. It caters to a single lower-elementary school grade (K-3) and lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. The Train Rolls On is the focus of my talk. Using a fun, fast-paced, and interactive audiovisual presentation, we learn about how an idea becomes a book. Afterward, I read the book aloud, making sure to elicit student participation throughout. At the end, I accept questions from students and teachers and provide the class with a fun follow-up activity related to the book. My goal is to leave kids feeling excited and energized about reading!


Grades 4+:  I can also modify my standard classroom presentation to fit the needs of older students. Depending on the age range of the group, I can skip/shorten the book reading portion and include a section in the audiovisual presentation that goes more in-depth on the book writing/publishing process. Upon request, I can also cater the presentation to specific topics related to the students’ academic curriculum. This advanced material requires approximately 45-60 minutes to present and includes a Q&A session.



Single Class/Group Short Presentation – $60

This is a shortened version of my standard classroom presentation (20-30 minutes). It contains less information regarding the book-making process, and it is designed to accommodate younger audiences (ages 3-5) and/or tighter schedules.

Preschools: For preschools, I recommend selecting the shortened presentation (20-30 minutes) and skipping the audiovisual presentation altogether. Instead, I can introduce myself, talk briefly about how I became an author, read the book with audience participation, and attempt a short Q&A session. I try to keep these presentations as short, lively, and interactive as possible! 



Half Day (3 – 4 Classes/Groups) –  $250

In a span of 3-4 hours during a morning or afternoon, I can visit 3-4 individual classrooms/groups and provide a slightly shortened version of my standard classroom presentation (30-45 minutes each). This presentation is designed to maximize the number of students receiving the author visit while maintaining a high level of audience interaction and participation with each group.



Large Assembly – $175

I can also provide a single 60-minute presentation in a large assembly format. Depending on the age range of the audience, this presentation can be divided into two parts, with the first part geared toward younger audience members and the second part geared toward older audience members:


Part 1: Introduction, How I Became An Author, Book Reading with Audience Participation, Q&A

Short Break: Younger age groups may depart during this time (if desired)

Part 2: Audiovisual Presentation on Book-Making Process, Q&A  


Adult Presentation – $125

I am happy to speak to adults, too! I can prepare a custom 60-minute presentation for teachers, librarians, college students, and/or various reading, writing, or literacy-focused groups. For these audiences, I can focus on my creative process and provide a step-by-step presentation showing how a picture book is made.  I can also tailor the presentation to a particular group’s specific needs or topics of interest.



Full Virtual Presentation – $75

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I completely understand if an organization would rather coordinate a virtual author visit via Zoom (or a similar platform). Although these presentations offer fewer opportunities for direct interaction, I am happy to accommodate such requests and will do my best to prepare a fun and informative presentation for your group. All virtual presentations will be provided at a discounted rate compared to their in-person counterparts.

The Full Virtual Presentation is structured similarly to the standard classroom presentation above. It is geared toward students in lower-elementary school grades (K-3) and includes an audiovisual presentation, book reading, and Q&A session. The presentation lasts approximately 45-60 minutes.



Short Virtual Presentation – $45

This is a shorter version of the aforementioned virtual presentation (20-30 minutes). It contains less information regarding the book-making process, and it is designed to accommodate younger audiences (ages 3-5) and/or tighter schedules.


Schedule An Author Visit

To schedule an author visit, please complete the Author Visit Request Form and email the completed form to Upon receipt, Jodi will contact you to schedule and coordinate the details of the visit.



If you have questions or need more information prior to filling out the Author Visit Request Form, please email Jodi at or submit a message via the Contact page.

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