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To Be Available in hardcover,
paperback, and eBook! 

One Little Squiggle



When you look at this picture, what do you see?

One little squiggle? What else could it be?

With its catchy, rhyming text, beautiful illustrations, and uplifting message about the incredible power of the human imagination, One Little Squiggle is sure to inspire artists of all ages to give squiggle doodles a try. Go on- get creative!   


Recommended Ages: 4-8

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Coming in 2025!!!

Publishing Update: 

One Little Squiggle


The manuscript is complete! After spending a year writing and revising One Little Squiggle, I have officially finalized the manuscript! All in all, it took about fifteen drafts of self-editing, two rounds of professional editing, and a few minor tweaks after-the-fact, but it's finally done and ready for illustration- whoopee! (Writing is hard! 😅)


An illustrator has been hired, and the rough sketches are underway! In early May, I signed a contract, hiring a new illustrator for this book. To meet her and check out samples of her amazing artwork, read my Illustrator Spotlight blog hereHopefully, I'll have some rough sketches to share with you before the end of the summer, so stay tuned!

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