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What's Next For Young At Heart Publishing?

By publishing The Train Rolls On, I have technically achieved what I originally set out to do. So, now what? Well, just as the ending to the book implies, The Train Rolls On…Chugga Chugga Choo Choo! 😊

In other words, this journey has only just begun. A year and a half ago, I honestly didn’t know if I would enjoy this process enough to do it again. So far, however, I am loving the challenge! That is why I have officially decided to publish a second book in The Train Rolls On series. So, without further ado, I’m excited to announce that the title of the second book is…

The Train Rolls On To The North Pole!

Animal Express train from The Train Rolls On children's book by Jodi Adams

Concept For Book #2

In the sequel, it is Christmas Eve, and Santa’s reindeer have just spent the day getting pampered at a spa in preparation for their annual journey around the world. Now, it is the Animal Express’ job to pick-up the reindeer and transport them back to the North Pole before Santa’s journey commences. Of course, along the way, the train encounters several obstacles (dark, unfamiliar surroundings, a winter storm, etc.). Ultimately, the train must rely on its own grit, the lessons it learned in the first book, and (most importantly) teamwork to overcome those obstacles and do its best to arrive at the North Pole in time for Santa to leave.

Status of Book #2

Over the past few months, I have been working hard behind the scenes to coordinate with each member of the original creative team (Editor Sarah Fabiny, Illustrator Christina Wald, and Book Designer David Miles), and everyone is on board to assist with completing Book #2. As of right now, Sarah and I have completed editing the manuscript, and Christina and I have officially signed the illustration contract. Christina is just starting to develop character concepts for the book, to include Santa and the reindeer. (A little Christmas cheer in August? Why not?)

Schedule For Book #2

I had originally planned to publish Book #2 in time for this Christmas; however, upon finding out that I was expecting Baby #2 in September, I decided not to over-extend myself. As with the first book, I don’t want to rush the process. I want to take my time and make sure that I create a high-quality product. Therefore, the new plan is to publish The Train Rolls On To The North Pole in time for Christmas 2022. It will be a long wait, but it will be worth it! Stay tuned for more details to come…😊

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