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Coming Summer 2024!!!


The Train Rolls On

To The County Fair


The Animal Express train races the clock to deliver rowdy farm animals to the county fairgrounds before their biggest contest of the year begins. Will the animals arrive in time to compete for the coveted "Best In Show" title? The train encounters several obstacles along the way, but...THE TRAIN ROLLS ON!

With its catchy, rhyming text, beautiful illustrations, and themes of perseverance and teamwork, this fun farm-to-fair adventure is sure to appeal to children and adults alike!  


Recommended Ages: 3-6

To Be Available in hardcover,
paperback, and eBook! 

Coming Summer 2024!!!

Publishing Update: 

The Train Rolls On To The County Fair


The final art is nearing completion! Illustrator Christina Wald is working hard to convert the book's interior sketches to final art, a process that takes roughly 5-6 months to complete. Check out a sample of the final sketches and final art below:

Final Art for Title Page

Screenshot of Title Page Art.png

Final Sketch of Spread 2-3

Screenshot of 2-3.png

Final Art for Spread 2-3

TROTTCF-CWald-C-2-3 copy.jpg

Final Sketch of Spread 4-5

Screenshot of 4-5.png

Final Sketch of Spread 6-7

Screenshot of 6-7.png

Final Art for Spread 6-7

TROTTCF-CWald-C-6 copy.jpg
TROTTCF-CWald-C-7 copy.jpg
I'm hopeful to have more finished artwork by the end of this month! 🤞
I'll keep you posted!
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