*To be available in hardcover, paperback,
and eBook! 

The Train Rolls On

To The North Pole


The Animal Express train is back, and it’s more determined than ever! It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa’s reindeer have spent the day getting pampered at an Arctic spa in preparation for their annual journey around the world. Now, the Animal Express races the clock to return the reindeer to the North Pole before Santa’s departure. Will they arrive in time to guide Santa’s sleigh? The train encounters several wintery obstacles along the way, but…THE TRAIN ROLLS ON!


Recommended Ages: 3-8

Coming October 2022!

Publishing Update:

The Train Rolls On To The North Pole


It's official...the illustrations are complete! It was a long road, but Illustrator Christina Wald has finally finished the interior artwork, and, once again, she has delivered a stunning final product! Check out the finished art for the book's opening three spreads below!

The book design is also complete! The illustrations took longer than expected, so, as of last month, we were behind schedule. However, Book Designer Veronica Scott has worked really hard to get us back on track. Over the last month, she and I have been collaborating to bring all of the book components together, and I am happy to report that the book's interior and back cover designs are finished. To see the fully designed spreads for the 3 illustrations below, check out this month's blog article here!


Next Publishing Steps: Over the coming week, I will be uploading book files to IngramSpark's and Amazon's self-publishing platforms and reviewing e-proofs of each book. If there are any issues upon upload, I will be working with Veronica Scott to resolve them. Otherwise, I will hopefully be ordering proof copies of each book before the end of next week. Once the proof copies arrive, I will perform another review of each and resolve any issues prior to publishing the books on both sites. So, long story short, we're almost there! 🤞🙌


In the meantime, book launch preparations continue! I am currently working hard to prepare for the book launch, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-October. It will be here before we know it, so stay tuned for more details! 😁

Pages 2-3: Santa's reindeer enjoy an Arctic Spa on Christmas Eve day.
Pages 4-5: The Animal Express train picks up the reindeer at the spa.
Pages 6-7: The reindeer board the train and depart for the North Pole.
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